Promoting Solar Awareness through Solar Cooking

Citizens for Solar is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Tucson, Arizona.  Our goal is to encourage the use of solar power through education and and solar cooking.   Our Annual Solar Potluck is the longest continuously running annual solar event in the world.

The Solar Potluck is an all day, family-friendly event which is open to the public.  Numerous solar cooks, with a wide variety of solar cookers, hand out solar cooked food all day long.  We also have exhibitors, guest speakers and musicians throughout the day.  The days ends with our solar potluck dinner – a solar cooked feast!

In addition to the  Annual Solar Potluck, Citizens for Solar educates the public by doing solar cooking demonstrations at local and regional events and by invitation.

Citizens for Solar works with Tucson’s Solar Guild to do solar projects for local charities and other groups.  Together we have installed solar lighting on the three large group ramadas at Catalina State Park and are collaborating on other projects.